About WILD


Wild was created from a need for an outlet. A time out from work and everyday life. WILD encompasses what ever we wish to create. WILD photography tries to captures some of those not so obvious moments and subjects and challenges the view from which the photo's are taken. We like to create and try new things. We never know what is possible if we don't give it a go.

Behind WILD

The creator behind WILD - Nic Willis

Welcome to WILD!

Having always played with arty stuff and creating masterpieces and messes in both creative art with different mediums and photography I decided to use the name WILD. Anything and everything to do with art could appear!

Growing up in Taranaki I feel incredibly lucky to live in a place with both mountain and surf so close. With amazing landscapes and people there is always something to look at and capture. Thank you for checking out WILD I hope we talk soon.